Founded in 1999

Spirit Gear is owned and operated by Express Design Group, which was founded in 1999. The parent Express Design Group owns and operates a state-of-art design, production, fulfillment and shipping facility in Freeburg, Ill., where all products are made in the U.S. Spirit Gear concentrates on apparel and other logo merchandise for schools, teams, faith, organizations, heritage, cultures, hobbies and occupations. We create products aimed at people’s passions. Beyond apparel, we provide items such as keychains, drinkware, seasonal items, umbrellas and more. If you can put a mascot or logo on it, we can make it.

Products are easily customized upon request to provide apparel with screen prints and embroidered logos. The store you create at SpiritGear.com allows all members to order the styles they like and makes it easy to create custom orders. We take care of personalization, size and style choices as well as any special requests. You don’t have to keep track of all of the details of your order because every member can visit the store and order their particular item. Your orders are fulfilled accurately and quickly without all the worry of checking every detail yourself. Fundraising is also easily tabulated, with 20 percent of sales routed back to the organizer.

Our signature website, Greekgear.com has become the largest Internet source for Greek logo merchandise for both fraternity and sorority items. Express Design Group websites had over 4 million customers/visitors last year. With the success of Greekgear.com, Express Design Group has steadily grown to become an industry leader in online retailing, merchandising & marketing.